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50 bicycles, 50 ciclysts, a route, an adventure, a direct charity action, a personal challenge, Africa the continent, Gambia the country and one event where everything is included, .....


2nd EDITION From NOVEMBER 20th to 27th 2021

Probably it can be one of the most impressive adventures and personal experiences of your life ...!!

Are you really going to miss it ?

Do not wait for the people to explain you........
Join us and live it up !!

The Tour of Gambia, is an unique and unforgettable event by stages, based in a cycle route through the heart of Africa where already everyone can participate.
The Tour of Gambia IS NOT a race, is a sport adventure in Africa in its purest form, is a direct charity action, is personal challenge and an experience for your senses that you will never forget.
Gambia , is a developing country located in in western Africa ,but still with lacking infrastructures, but which neverless its people welcome the visitors with excepcional kindness. That´s why Gambia is known as the smile of Africa and as they are not tire of repeating……. Gambia, no problem !!
The 2nd edition of the Tour of Gambia, will take place from November 20th to 27th 2021, starting in its capital banjul and finishing in Albadarr-Jufureh, native village of the authentic Kunta-Kinteh, next to the emblematic monument " Never Again " what constitutes an imposive symbol of the human being universal freedom.
The Tour de Gambia is NOT a race, is a bicycle route by stages through the heart of Africa, in which EVERYONE CAN PARTICIPATE RIDING A MTB CYCLE PROVIDED BY THE ORGANIZATION, due to the route is practically flat, since The Gambia is a country consisting of an immense plain, lacking of orography or mountainous relief and the route will pass 90% aprox by asphalt, by the unique main road that circumambulates the country, and only a small part of the path will be by tracks without asphalt.
In order to The Tour de Gambia will be developed in optimal conditions, the organization will accompany the bunch along the whole journey, with support vehicles at the front and behind, with coordination personnel, sanitary service, mechanical bikes service and cooking personnel and the invaluable collaboration of the Gambian Police Force.
The Gambia, which lacks infrastructures, specially away from the capital, obviously does not have too many facilities for accommodation and its conditions are very far from european or american standars. But this is part of the adventure, it is part of living Africa in its purest form.
That is why during the route the accommodation will be two nights in campaments bungalows and two more nights will be in tents (which will be provided by the organization to every single participant), and in hotel during our stay in the capital Banjul the first and last day.
For meals, the organization has a team that during all the route will arrange breakfast, lunch and dinner for the participants.
How many times have you seen ads and reports on TV about poverty in Africa?
How many times have you wondered how you could do something for these people without the participation of those intermediaries without scruples who are taking profit and succulent commissions ?
How many times have you wondered if your generous donations really reaches to those people who need it most?
If so, now is your great opportunity, because in our trip, we will stop along the way and will share moments of intense emotion because of every participant will deliver directly to the community of the impoverished village of Jarra Sukuta, solidarity goods and materials and at the end of the tour we will donate our bicycles to the children of the school of BRIKAMA Community.
It will offer us the unparalleled opportunity to share hours of great emotion with children and adults of that villages and spend the night in such a uniques locations.